Hong Kong online payment gateway


Bozo Juretic

Starting with January 2015 Pencepay.com started accepting merchants from Hong Kong directly.

For all of the businesses incorporated in Hong Kong who sell both locally and internationally, we now offer a first-class payment processing service, based...

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Accepting small-value payments, or micro-payments, was a topic of many scientific papers, industry conferences, books and business model attempts for two decades.

Skipping over all the debates, and looking at the real-world success of various...

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One thing every m-commerce merchant has to think of, is how difficult it is for someone to actually pay.

Although everyone and his son has a credit card, actually it is not so trivial to pay with it, it requires at least a minute (more like 3...

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Price points versus Dynamic pricing


Božo Juretić

One of the fundamental differences that merchants who are first time comers to mobile billing struggle to grasp is the difference in pricing in mobile billing payment methods, as opposed to traditional payment methods like credit cards and bank...

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