Charge your customer by sending him a simple clickable payment link by email, without having to do any technical integration with Pencepay

Easy email payments

Sometimes you just have to charge certain amount from your customer, maybe for a custom service you provide that cannot be automatically charged through the website. This is what Paycode is all about.

Creating a Paycode is a matter of entering a payment amount and the payment description. You will get a short URL which you can send to your customer by email, SMS or even give it over the phone. Customer pays with a click.

The best thing is, you don't even have to integrate your website with Pencepay to use this service.

Once customer clicks on a link, a secure Checkout page opens to him, showing all the details of what he is paying for (order reference, and payment details).

Customer can then select a payment method to pay with, and performs an online payment to a merchant.

Easy overview of customer payments

Once the customer pays you using the Paycode you sent him, you can easily see all the payments in the Administration tool.

List of transactions will include the customer info, amount, and the order reference and description so that you can easily find it in the list.

Notifications included

Once the customer pays, both merchant and customer receive by e-mail a detailed payment receipt so that you know payment was successfully made. Merchant can even select to receive SMS notification of the payment.

You can easily (de)activate this feature in Administration tool.

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