Payment Privacy Policy

Who are we?

PencePay is an online and mobile payments service with website at You can contact us using our contact information on the About Us page in case of questions regarding your privacy and/or the payment process.

What is PencePay?

PencePay is a technical service which enables merchants from various industries to sell online. Customers can pay with a credit card and/or online banking and/or bank transfer and/or SMS, depending on which payment methods merchant accepts.

Data collected

Private data we collect about you during your purchase through PencePay depends on the payment method used, but generally can contain your phone and/or mobile number, name, address, email and in some cases your bank account information. This information is used to secure payment approval from your bank/card company/mobile operator/other third-party supplier of authorization for your selected payment method. As per our contracts with aforementioned payment providers, we are required to keep your data for various periods of time, typically 3 or more years, for the purposes of a) payment dispute resolutions (in case you or merchant dispute that the charge/sale has been made) and b) for regulatory compliance in case of criminal investigation (i.e. investigation into stealing of a payment instrument).

All sensitive data in our system is encrypted by strong encryption for additional security.


We are committed to customer data privacy protection. We use strong SSL-encryption for protection of sensitive data in transit from your web browser to our servers. Once data receives our servers, if it is required for the purposes of transaction execution to transmit this data to third-parties (banks, credit card companies, mobile operators, payment processors) then the data is transmitted through VPN or SSL-secured channel. Our servers are in a physically secure data-center and the access to servers is tightly controlled.


As part of the purchase process we store browser cookie(s) onto your computer. Cookies are a commonly used internet technology for storing simple data onto visitor's computer. Cookies will not harm your computer. These files contain just the basic information on the web session, which is required for the purchase process to work. If you wish you can delete all cookies we have thus stored onto your computer once you complete the purchase, with no negative side-effects on your future purchases.