About us

PencePay processes online payments for merchants since 2005.

The team started working as a small provider of payments in Croatia, where it basically grew the entire e-commerce market from scratch, and developed to a provider of payment processing services for international merchants.

Main specialty on our menu are services for travel and retail industry merchants, and tailored solutions per special requirements of the merchant.

Processing payments for the travel industry involves many challenges, but doing it for almost 10 years gave us the background to build a world-class payments processing platform which is competitive in pricing and features with global providers.

Strategy of the company is to provide not the cheapest, but premium services for merchants; this means we try to understand the merchant's business model and provide special features and first-class support, especially in the high season.

Company's founders are Danijel Turina and Božo Juretić, both involved in the payments industry since 2004.