Easiest way to enable online payments for your website or web-based mobile app. Easy access to all payment methods and optimized payment workflows.

Mobile-first checkout

Get all the benefits of a hosted payments page, but done right - with a mobile-first concept. All the payment methods workflows are highly optimizied, translated to multiple languages and made to be easily used by the customers.

Checkout detects the customer's country (which customer can change if wanted) and based on that displays the top 3-4 used payment methods in that country. Thus customer gets presented with familiar payment options. Local currency is used, as well as a local language (the list of translations keeps increasing).

Smart payment options presentation

Each time customer accesses the Checkout, his country is detected by geolocation and Checkout is presented in the language and currency of the customer.

Customer can easily select the payment method he wishes to use and finish the payment process.

Notifications included

Once the payment is made, merchant and customer receive payment notification (receipt) to their emails. Merchant can configure this setting in the Administration tool, and also setup who will receive these notifications on a per-user basis.

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