Hong Kong online payment gateway |

date 01/07/2015

author Bozo Juretic

Starting with January 2015 Pencepay.com started accepting merchants from Hong Kong directly.

For all of the businesses incorporated in Hong Kong who sell both locally and internationally, we now offer a first-class payment processing service, based on a modern API, backed by a real merchant account.

As opposed to existing gateways available in Hong Kong, Pencepay gives you option to accept card details directly on your website (we use client-side encryption to accomplish this) and does not force you to redirect customer to our domain for payment.

This can be a huge difference for your conversion ratios, as many Hong Kong gateways offer very clumsy, badly translated payment pages, which makes the payment process awkward for your international customers.

Pencepay international payment processing solution can be setup in under a week, and is price competitive with existing solutions, but offers better experience both for the customers and merchants.

Feel free to drop us a message if you have any questions!