Local payments, global reach

Receive bank transfers from your customers to a network of local bank accounts around the world. We will let you know that the payment is there in hours, not 3-5 days as usual with international transfers.

Still widely used

Bank transfers in which customer initiates a payment to a merchant are still up to 70% of e-commerce payments in some markets.

Having this sefe and easy to use payment method as part of accepted payments method is the strategy of many successful online merchants.

Instant transfers

For participating banks, we offer "instant" transfers, so the information that customer has paid is sent to you immediately after customer makes transfer using their netbanking.

Easy Checkout

Customer can select bank transfers on a Checkout page, and is presented with intuitive payment steps.

Low fees

Bank transfers typically have lower fees than credit card payments.

This can mean 60% difference in fees in some cases. 

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