Administration tool

This is your control panel for managing online payments and customers, and their payment methods.

Easy to use yet powerful

Administration tool gives you online access to everything related to your online payments. You can manage customers and their payment methods, work with your transactions, make new charges to your customers and get insight into everything that is going on with your payments. 

The tool works on desktop and tablet devices and allows you to accomplish full range of payments related tasks in one easy to use app.

Modern platform

Everything you can do in the Administration tool, you can also do using the API, and thus completely integrate that functionality into your business. Thus, you choose the amount of integration you wish to do - from no integration at all and using the our Administration tool for payments operations, to 100% integration.


For each successful and unsuccessful transaction you have a deep insight into the details. All the usual payment operations like refund, void, capture are supported as well.

Transactions are what the payments are all about - these are the financial interactions between you and your customers. But to do the transactions right, all the other pieces have to be in place.

This is why you can not just browse and manage transactions (e.g. refund a payment to a customer), but you can also provide various useful information during the payment process which will make the payment easier and more natural for a customer, and easier for you to work with transaction data later.

Customers management

You can manage all your customer data and the related payment methods (cards, bank accounts etc.) through the Administration tool.

Integral part of Pencepay platform is the concept of a customer. You can create customers using the Administration tool or the API, and store cards, bank accounts and other sensitive payment details inside the secure Safe.

Once you have your data thus organized, you get a very powerful and clear insight into the payments workflow. For example, you can easily provide your customers to manage cards through your website or app. 

This opens the doors for advanced payment scenarios like metered billing, pay-per-use, and automatic charging of customers on specific events in your business cycle.

Using the stored bank accounts, you can for example make payments to third-parties from the available funds, which is very useful in marketplace scenarios.

Paycode for email payments

Sometimes you just have to charge certain amount from your customer, maybe for a custom service you provide that cannot be automatically charged through the website. This is what Paycode is all about.

Creating a Paycode is a matter of entering a payment amount and the payment description. You will get a short URL which you can send to your customer by email, SMS or even give it over the phone. Customer pays by a click.

The best thing is, you don't even have to integrate your website with Pencepay to use this service.

Highest security

Passwords are easy to use, but they are not very secure. If you wish, you can activate two-factor authentication in Administration tool, on a per-user basis. This will pair your smartphone and Administration tool, so that each time you login, you will be asked for a One-Time Password as well. 

We support iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. You can download the apps by clicking on the store below.

Full integration into your business processes

If you wish to use any of the features you see in the Administration tool inside of your existing business applications, ask you developers to integrate them directly. Pencepay is designed as a platform with open APIs and all the functionality you see in the Administration tool is available for direct integration.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.