Website checklist

Before we can activate your PencePay account for production selling, please make sure that your website satisfies the following requirements checklist.

General guidelines

  • The shop's name must match either the legal or DBA name of the business
  • The products/services displayed should match the description of those captured on the application form
  • Complete description of the goods and services offered must be visible as well as clear pictures and/or descriptions of each approved product/service together with clear pricing for each product/service. The
  • website should not make any unsubstantiated claims about the products/services.
  • If there is a private website section / paywall (e.g. for subscription-based services), PencePay requires access to these areas in order to conduct an accurate and rapid assessment
  • Contact details must be displayed prominently to the consumer.
  • Please note that PO Boxes addresses are permissible on the website but not on the application.

Fulfillment / Delivery 

  • Delivery and Shipping methods and days of delivery must be clearly described, appear prominently on the website and match those terms on the application
  • If subscriptions/memberships are offered, it must state the number and frequency of payments that will be taken. 

Security and Compliance 

  • If the merchant is hosting the Payment Page (i.e. using direct integration APIs), this page must be SSL-secured
  • The customer must have the opportunity to review all information before submitting order (i.e. last chance to cancel)
  • Any sign-up pages must be clear and indicative of what the consumer is buying
  • Currency or currencies of sale is clear and match the currency or currencies stated on the application.