Getting started

To integrate Pencepay into your website or app, you need to combine the client-side library and the server-side library, in your prefered programming languages.

Client-side library prepares (encrypts) the sensitive payment details on the client (i.e. in web browser), while the server-side Pencepay library executes the actual transaction, and gives you a access to the full functionality of the gateway.

1. Signup

Before you start, signup with Pencepay. Login to your newly created account and access the Users pages (under Settings menu), then goto Keys subsection and enter the details of the pre-generated access Key. Key details will be required in the following steps.

2. Prepare the client-side

Pencepay client-side library receives the customer's sensitive data, encrypts them on the client, and sends them to your server. This is done to provide you with the full power of a server-side API and direct data handling (i.e. you don't need to redirect customer to a third-party service for many payment methods) but at the same time to spare you the trouble of achieving highest levels of PCI-DSS certification for handling sensitive payment data.

You have the full control over the visual design of your payment form, not just for cards payment method, but for (instant) bank transfers and other payment methods as well.

Use your Client-Side Public Key to initialize your client (you can find it under the Users -> Keys settings in the Administration tool).

The Browser client guide contains all the setup info.

3. Prepare the server-side

On the server-side, you use one of our libraries, created to handle the details of communication with Pencepay gateway, error management, data conversion and easy integration of various payment methods with your website or an app. You just need to include the provided library into your code base, and call the provided library methods.

Use your Public Key and Secret Key to initialize your server-side library (you can find them under the Users -> Keys settings in the Administration tool).

Run your first payments as per instructions and browser through the Transactions in the Adminstration tool to make sure everything is as it should be.

4. Apply for production account

First, we recommend that you send us a sales request to make sure that your business model can be activated. You will get answer within 24 hours.

If the answer is positive, play around with the Test account and integrate Pencepay into your product.

You should now go to your Account Settings in the Administration tool and fill all the data about your business, and upload some required business documents on the same page.

Once you are happy with the integration, drop us an email that you are ready to go. We will get back to you and activate your merchant account.

Good luck with your sales!