Micro platform

Accept Mobile Operator Billing and other micro-payment options, using our dedicated Micro platform.

Dedicated platform

Micro-payments and the related field of virtual currencies have a lot of specifics, e.g. you can charge only pre-defined "pricepoints" on some payment methods, and the payment methods fees can vary significantly.

This is why we have developed a dedicated micro-payments platform which is highly optimized for small value purchases and management of virtual currencies.

Virtual currencies

As part of your application or website you might offer virtual currency to your users, e.g. diamonds, credits, gold etc. 

We make it easy to sell, by managing the value of virtual currency inside the platform. Depending on the country, payment method etc. we will recalculate the virtual currency amount the user gets.


User paying in a website (on mobile or desktop) is presented with an optimized payment dialog, which opens on top of the same page (no redirects).

Supported markets

For mobile/SMS billing we currently support Croatian, Hungarian and Serbian mobile network operators.

For other payment methods we support most of the countries in the world.

Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to contact us.